Create a financial future that's a little less ordinary.

Investing for your future is like being on a runway. Everyone is at different stage. Where are you?

Younger than 50?

If you’re under 50, you’ve got time on your side. That’s because even minor changes today can have a huge impact on your future wealth. The earlier you start an investment plan, the longer you have to achieve your goals.


Meet Martin

Partner, Adviser, Stonehouse Financial Partners

“I review my Super Statement once a year, and think I must do something, then next year arrives.”

“I don’t understand investing. It’s seems cut-throat and risky.”

“How do I create a financial plan and then keep track of it?”

“Where do I start with sorting out our financial future?”

“I know I should do something about my super but I’ll do it later.”

“I don’t see super as my money.”


If you’ve heard yourself say any of the questions and statements above, and if you’re at a key point along the financial runway, let's chat. It’s the first step to get your financial future on track.


I’m a partner and adviser with Stonehouse Financial Partners. My passion is working with you to deliver and manage investment strategies to fulfill for your financial future. Imagine how can I help you?


People not products


I see my clients as people, not products or profit margins. That’s why my investment advice style is different to others. I offer tailored solutions based on your current financial position and your future life vision.


What’s the best way to learn more about me? Click on the my profile and what's even better, you can read how I deliver results from my client testimonials below.


A different investment style that delivers

I join the dots for you about equity investing.

The dry financial details of investing will be explained to you simply.

Understand more about the companies you invest in.

Discover how to see your super differently to take control of it.

We’ll set goals and strategies together that match your vision.

Understand how equity investing can add to your super.

Make informed decisions with my market performance insights.

Stay on your investment portfolio’s pulse via data tracking.

My fees are aligned to your goals, not based upon a transaction.


Who is are the Stonehouse Financial Partners?

Welcome to Stonehouse. We provide intelligent, tailored financial solutions to help clients achieve their goals and create a secure financial future. By bringing innovation together with intelligent portfolio management, we aim to protect and increase our client’s wealth.


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The 4 rules of investing

Rule 1

Don’t lose money.

(Although it's not always possible)

Rule 3

You can’t go broke taking a profit.

Rule 2

Don’t forget rule No1.

(Courtesy of Warren Buffet)

Rule 4

Your retirement plans are precious and need to be cared for.

See the difference I've made to my client's financial futures

With my husband’s full support, I decided to set up a portfolio with Martin in my own name, to complement that which I had with my husband, with the specific intention of not only increasing its value but also enabling me and educating me on investing and financial direction. After a short period of working together I am delighted to say we have achieved both objectives. Most importantly working with Martin has helped educate me and increase my awareness such that I can more actively and effectively contribute to the planning discussions on our self-managed fund in addition to making informed decisions on my own fund.

Martin provides me regular updates with timely information, advice and options. He happily answers my many questions and respects my decisions, even if I occasionally slightly deviate from his recommended option. I thank him for his encouragement and support and am very happy to recommend his financial services.


Susan Welch

Why settle for the everyday, when you can create the financial future you want?

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